15 Gorgeous Wedding Rose Bouquets

15 Gorgeous Wedding Rose Bouquets

You’re engaged? Congratulations! Whether you’ve been dreaming of your wedding long before the proposal or just started to dip your toe in the planning waters, a gorgeous bouquet is often up there with the first wedding day visuals. Do you imagine a dainty posy of perfect ivory roses, or perhaps a wild free-form peachy coral rose bouquet full of loose tendrils and vines? Maybe you’re picturing a stylish statement ombre design of pink roses, or perhaps a rustic bouquet of yellow roses and delicate meadow flowers? There’s so many options it’s easy to feel like an overwhelmed kid in a candy store!

To help you navigate the world of wedding flowers, today we’re sharing a collection of 15 stunning rose bridal bouquets to inspire you. Nothing marks a wedding quite like roses, and David Austin roses are a step above the rest. World-renowned for their unrivalled beauty, glorious colour, character and scent, our roses bring a refined elegance to your wedding like no other flowers. Let us inspire you…

1) Classic White Rose Bouquet

It doesn’t get more classic than a beautiful bridal bouquet full of fluffy white roses. Elegant, chic and glamorous in an understated way, you simply can’t go wrong with white roses. Choose from Leonora, Patience and Purity or combine all three for a heavenly scented cloud of beauty.

White Wedding Flowers Bouquet

2) Romantic Blush Rose Bridal Bouquet

Blush is the colour du jour for many brides because it’s so pretty, feminine and versatile. From a delicate sugared almond hue to a more dramatic raspberry ripple tone, choose from Charity, Keira (pictured) and Constance, and pair with wispy seasonal blooms for the prettiest posy around.

3) Dramatic Pink and Red Bouquet

What a way to make a style statement! Pink and red is a stunning colour combination so don’t be afraid to mix our deepest roses to make a real impact. Perfect for a Valentine’s day wedding but striking at any time of year, take a look at Miranda, Kate, Darcey, Capability and Tess.

Pink And Red Wedding Bouquet

4) Pastel Yellow Bridal Bouquet

If a white bridal bouquet feels too plain or simple for your style, consider adding in a touch of warm buttery tones with Effie or Beatrice roses, paired with fully blown blooms revealing their golden stamens inside. We love this look for spring and summer weddings. 

5) Orange and Pink Bridal Bouquet For Summer

While we’re thinking about summer, let’s turn up the heat with some gorgeous sunset shades. Golden-toned Beatrice, Effie and Edith paired with hot pink Capability, Darcey and Kate create a fiery explosion of colour that feels delightfully daring and unexpected.

Orange And Pink Bridal-Bouquet

6) Pastel Garden Rose Bridal Bouquet

A delicate rainbow of pastel shades makes for a pretty bridal bouquet that appears to be gathered from an English country garden. Keira is the perfect blush pink rose for pairing with soft blue and lilac shades for a look that’s dramatic yet elegant.

Pastel Pink Wedding Flowers

7) Ice Cream Sundae Rose Bouquet

Sorbet shades of soft peach and marshmallow pink create a mouth-watering colour palette that’s joyous and feminine. Here Juliet, Keira and Constance reveal their natural variance in colour for the perfect soft summer bridal bouquet.

8) Ivory Rose Bouquet With Autumn Foliage

Wondering if white roses still work in autumn? Absolutely! Paired with touches of dusky pink and plum, and rich seasonal foliage, Leonora, Patience and Purity (pictured), seamlessly move into the cooler months thanks to their year round availability. The auburn velvet ribbon is the perfect finishing touch!

White Bridal Bouquet

9) Exotic Bright Pink Rose Bridal Bouquet

Roses are quintessentially English but that doesn’t restrict their potential for styling in different ways. In this Mexican-inspired bouquet, candy-pink Miranda is given an exotic spin with warm tones, tropical flowers, interesting textures and lots of verdant foliage.

Pink Wedding Flowers

10) White Rose Teardrop Bouquet

Teardrop bridal bouquets, also known as waterfall bouquets, are a traditional style with a rounded shape at the top that taper towards a point at the bottom. Typically wired and formal, we like to take a slightly more modern approach, pairing our palest and creamiest roses – Leonora, Patience,  Purity and Eugenie – with delicate white flowers to create a striking asymmetrical design that’s incredibly chic.

White Wedding Bridal Bouquet

11) All Pink Rose Bouquet

Adore pink roses? Then why choose anything else! Gather as many as you can carry for a serious style statement, from creamy blush Keira to flamingo pink Miranda (pictured), to rich fuchsia Kate, there’s a David Austin pink rose to suit you.

Oversized Pink Wedding Bouquet

12) Sunshine Yellow Rose Bouquet

If you like the idea of encapsulating sunshine in your bouquet, our darling Beatrice is the one. The colour of long hazy summer days and golden sunsets, this warm yellow wedding rose brings a joyful grace to bridal bouquets. The Latin meaning of her name is she who brings happiness, and you can’t help but smile when she unfurls those buttery petals.

Yellow Wedding Bouquet

13) Winter White Rose Bridal Bouquet

Rose bouquets don’t have to be big and blousy to be beautiful. This delicate ivory bouquet of  Purity paired with papery petals and spindly willow gives a gorgeous ethereal feel that’s perfect for a winter wedding.

Ivory Bridal Bouquet

14) Blue and Yellow Spring Wedding Bouquet

Blousy ivory and blush roses styled with touches of blue, yellow and green feel so fresh and just the perfect choice for a spring wedding bouquet. Here the ruffles of Eugenie are paired with delicate blue love-in-a-mist (nigella), yellow Billy buttons (craspedia) and soft green hellebore to create a gorgeously simple yet elegant design.

Spring Wedding Bouquet

15) Rustic Country-Style Peaches and Cream Rose Bouquet

Peach and blush roses styled with soft cream flowers and grey-green foliage is one of our favourite combinations for brides. Sprigs of berries, wispy tendrils and lacy blooms contrast beautifully with the perfectly cupped Juliet and more informal Purity rose in this loose meadow-style bridal bouquet. 

Peach And Cream Wedding Bouquet

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