Ausimmon (US PP17267)
Miranda is show-stopping who loves courting attention. Her plumage is two-tones of candy-pink. Each open rosette graduates in colour from a wavy petalled centre with cherry blossom richness, to a softer, light pink at the edges. Her scent is light and her visual impact is striking.

From Bud
to Bloom

From Bud to Bloom

In closed bud, her outer guard petals are flecked with naturalistic green streaks that disguise the full beauty of what is to come. As Miranda’s petals unfold over the course of 3 to 4 days, the guard petals disappear and a dramatic, large rosette is revealed. A classic transformation from ugly duckling to elegant swan.


Miranda combined with branches of cherry blossom is a classic combination for a spring wedding.  Or create posies of Miranda and frothy white flowers in coloured glass vases for an exquisite tea party or the prettiest of bridal showers.
Miranda Pink Roses Gift Bouquet
Miranda pink roses on mirrored tray
Miranda Pink Roses in White Vases on Windowsill

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Launching three new roses into the floral market is exciting but there’s also an anticipation as to how the floral designer and wedding couple will perceive our new varieties. The opinion of both greatly matters to us as we want the experience of working and using our roses to be an immersive and enjoyable one.

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