Leonora is a celebration of understated, classic elegance, her name meaning ‘light’ and ‘compassion’. Her ivory petals have a luminous quality that needs nothing more than nature’s freshly gathered foliage. She has already become a wedding favourite and a classic muse in her own right. Her ruffled, blousy blooms will also perfume the air with a fresh scent including hints of cucumber and citrus.

From Bud
to Bloom

From Bud to Bloom

Leonora unveils her beauty with great poise, taking up to four days to fully open from closed bud.


You can style Leonora in so many ways.  We love how she sits effortlessly in structured bouquets with trailing green foliage, perfecting the ethereal, classic wedding look as if it’s her own.  She can also play quite happily amongst her pastel floral friends with unassuming grace.
Leonora white roses vase arrangement wedding event
Leonora white roses large bridal bouquet
Leonora white roses wedding bouquet design
Leonora white roses wedding arch design
Leonora rose close up bloom
Leonora rose windowsill arrangement
Alicia Schwede
Leonora (Auswagsy) is a phenomenal rose as she opens into a perfectly shaped round bloom filled with blousy petals. I’m always in search of a great white garden rose to design with in wedding work and Leonora is an excellent rose to fill this need – a splendid hue of pristine white, large bloom size, a beautiful cupped shape and long lasting.