Of all the roses within our collection, Patience has the strongest perfume seducing with her intense, clean scent of Old Rose with a dash of lemon. Her many, lace-like petals open to reveal a creamy coloured centre, with just a hint of pale, buttery yellow. Patience has become a wedding classic as her sculptural beauty is the definition of elegance and romance.

From Bud
to Bloom

From Bud to Bloom

With so many petals, Patience can take up to 4 days to fully open, but her perfect rosettes are worth the wait.


We love dressing Patience with other white and cream flowers and cascading green foliage.  Use her to create magnificent archways and urns for a regal style that will never go out of fashion.  She’ll also add a finishing flourish to your wedding cake.
Patience cream roses buttonholes
Patience cream roses wedding bouquet design
Patience cream roses wedding bouquet on windowsill
Patience cream roses wedding urn design
Patience roses cream wedding cake decorations
David Austin’s roses are truly beyond compare – with each stem possessing distinctive character, resplendent colour and of course, a world-class fragrance like you find in Patience. Frankly, roses just don’t get any better