Edith is quite extraordinary with her dual colour tone. A halo of dusky pink outer petals contrasts with her central ruffled petals of old rose gold and sunset apricot. She inspires great creativity and her colour palette has been described as turmeric, coral and Aspen Gold. She is flamboyant and her large, fragrant blooms perfume the air with an exotic mix of fruit and myrrh.


With a chameleon-like quality, Edith can move through the seasons, making an impression wherever she goes. Her sunset colours look incredible against pinks, oranges, yellows and metallics as well as spicy hues. She is perfect for the high days of summer but when autumn arrives, she takes on a new personality that illuminates the room.
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Kim Wiseley, Founder and Creative Director of Flutter Magazine and The Floral Pantry
The spirited collection of cut roses instantly captivated me and forever changed my world. There’s an unparalleled beauty to these luxurious, vibrant, delightfully fragrant flowering gems. Once you’ve been introduced, there’s no going back, no other rose compares.