Auspluto (US PP26363)
Edith is quite extraordinary with her dual colour tone. A halo of dusky pink outer petals contrasts with her central ruffled petals of old rose gold and sunset apricot. She inspires great creativity and her colour palette has been described as turmeric, coral and Aspen Gold. She is flamboyant and her large, fragrant blooms perfume the air with an exotic mix of fruit and myrrh.

From Bud
to Bloom

From Bud to Bloom

Edith has burnt pink or coral outer petals but then her inner bloom reveals antique gold, yellow, amber inner ruffle of petals. She can take up to 4 days to fully open.


With a chameleon-like quality, Edith can move through the seasons, making an impression wherever she goes. Her sunset colours look incredible against pinks, oranges, yellows and metallics as well as spicy hues. She is perfect for the high days of summer but when autumn arrives, she takes on a new personality that illuminates the room.
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Kim Wiseley, Founder and Creative Director of Flutter Magazine and The Floral Pantry
The spirited collection of cut roses instantly captivated me and forever changed my world. There’s an unparalleled beauty to these luxurious, vibrant, delightfully fragrant flowering gems. Once you’ve been introduced, there’s no going back, no other rose compares.

Rose Spotlight

Edith and Capability Fireplace Decorations

Thanksgiving Table Floral Inspiration

I’m going into nesting mode at home and this year in particular it feels that home is my cocoon. Suddenly I rediscover strings of twinkly lights that I pop into glass vessels; I frantically order candles of all shapes, sizes and hues and I start to feel the warm glow of colour to wrap around me. Is this part of our natural instinct in readiness for hibernation?

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Mother’s Day Florals Inspired by Little Women

A Little Women Inspired Mother’s Day –
‘Little Women’ is a classic story of four girls who were raised by their mother while their father was away fighting in the American civil war. Just like our roses, each of the girls have unique and distinctive qualities that we see their Mother wholeheartedly enfold as their individual stories of love and life unfold. Our ‘Little Women’ inspired, rose-filled story tells the tale of embracing individuality with the Mother residing at the centre.

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Edith Rose Bouquet

Autumn Themed Wedding Inspiration

Edith – The colour for every season
With a chameleon-like quality Edith can move through the seasons, making an impression wherever she goes. She is perfect for the high days of summer with her inner golden glow of yellows and apricots combined with a halo of outer pink petals in tones of dusky pink. But when Autumn arrives, she takes on a new personality and will illuminate the room and any arrangement in which she resides.

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