Autumn Themed Wedding Inspiration

Autumn Themed Wedding Inspiration

With a chameleon-like quality Edith can move through the seasons, making an impression wherever she goes. She is perfect for the high days of summer with her inner golden glow of yellows and apricots combined with a halo of outer pink petals in tones of dusky pink. But when Autumn arrives, she takes on a new personality and will illuminate the room and any arrangement in which she resides.

Edith Roses for an Autumn Wedding
Edith Rose Gift Bouquet

Whilst using Edith in our styling arrangements this year, we’ve noticed how she adapts beautifully to every colour palette. Particularly surprising is how she pairs beautifully with pastel blues and baby pinks as well as more predictably with the ochres, mustards and rusty reds. She is a true all-rounder and continues to surprise us. We love experimenting with Edith’s changing beauty.

Edith Roses Vase Arrangement
Edith Roses Basket Design for Wedding Detail
Edith ROses in Small Urn Arrangement

We would love everyone to enjoy Edith’s mesmerising beauty as well as her rich fruity and myrrh fragrance. If you haven’t used Edith before, autumn is the perfect season to include in wedding flowers and gift bouquets. Combine her with a riot of colours from autumn’s foliage and Edith will simply delight. Available all year round, try Edith out for yourself and let us know how you intend to use her – we would love to see! Use the #edithforeveryseason and tag us @davidaustinweddingroses

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