The Ultimate Guide to Pink Wedding Roses

The Ultimate Guide to Pink Wedding Roses

Inherently romantic and timeless in nature, there’s little surprise that pink reigns supreme as the most popular colour for wedding flowers. Our beautiful collection of roses spans a stunning spectrum of pink hues, from the soft, blushing Keira to the charismatic and richly saturated blooms of Hettie, ensuring you will find the perfect rose to complement your wedding day, no matter your style or colour palette.

Whether you’re drawn to opulent, ruffle-petaled rosettes or seek a fragrance that’s transportive and captivating — or both — our ultimate guide to pink wedding roses will help you select the perfect bloom for your bouquet, floral installations, and table centrepieces. Let us guide you in creating a wedding day adorned with the timeless elegance and romance of pink David Austin Wedding Roses.

Pink Wedding Roses by David Austin


Millicent is a cornucopia of wonders, a vintage beauty with warm mid-pinks that develop hints of lilac and mauve. Her eager-to-open, blousy blooms are filled with textured, swirling petals that unfurl into a stunning rosette and her medium scent of citrus and old rose, transport you and your guests to a bygone era. Millicent’s colour, form and scent evolve with each passing day, and this ever-evolving yet timeless beauty makes her a wonderful choice for your wedding florals.

Pink Wedding Roses Millicent Bouquet
Photography: @jennyquicksall
Pink Wedding Roses Millicent Bouquet


Keira has many charms, but the most notable is her natural unpredictability, with a unique look to every bloom. Her petals, a swirling blend of blush and blossom pinks intertwined with clotted cream, evoke all the charm of raspberry ripple ice cream. Keira’s enchanting scent, a rich blend of myrrh with hints of almond, marzipan, and vanilla, overflows with charisma and as she evolves from bud to bloom over three or four days there is a sense of curiosity to see her colour variations come to full fruition.

Pink Wedding Roses Keira Wedding Bouquet
Photography: @shanellephotographyllc
Pink Wedding Roses Keira Table Arrangement


Miranda is a striking show-stopper and a real celebration of colour. Her petals display two tones of candy pink, with each open rosette graduating in colour from a cherry-blossom-rich centre to a softer, light pink at the edges. In closed bud, her outer guard petals are flecked with naturalistic green streaks that disguise the full beauty of what is to come and as her petals unfold over 3 to 4 days, the guard petals vanish, revealing a dramatic, wavy petalled large rosette. Miranda’s light scent can be fully appreciated once her transformation from unassuming bud to striking bloom is complete.

Pink Wedding Roses Miranda Wedding Bouquet
Photography@ jessicamangia_photography
Pink Wedding Roses Miranda


Charity’s delicate peach-pink petals are reminiscent of ballet slippers and are beautifully complemented by a delightful botanical twist — a lime-green stamen that adds a touch of individuality to this playful and unusual rose. Her distinctive character is matched by a deliciously complex perfume, blending sweet violet, musk and vanilla. If you are looking for more of a subtle touch of pink then Charity is your girl.

Pink Wedding Roses Charity Large Bouquet
Photography@ jessicamangia_photography
Pink Wedding Roses Charity


Constance’s inimitable colour and texture mean she is the epitome of prettiness. Her cream and blush pink petals disperse like watercolour paints across paper, while her petals are akin to layers of silk tulle, romantic and voluminous. Blossoming almost immediately, Constance reveals a surprise, creamy, blush centre which contrasts beautifully with her deeper pink outer petals.  Constance’s final delight is the fruity fragrance, perfuming the air with hints of apples and pears.

Pink Wedding Roses Constance Bouquet
Photography@ jessicamangia_photography
Pink Wedding Bouquet Constance Table Arrangement
Photography: @lauragordon


A dramatic pink rose, Capability is bright, bold and full of character with her shades of intense fuchsia pink and her perfect rosette of petals. Transforming from bud to bloom in three to four days, Capability’s outer petals reflex to form her frame and then a wonderful, perfect circle of inner petals reveal themselves with stars of little golden stamens at the very centre. Capability’s captivating qualities don’t end there, her rose and citrus perfume is transportive and memorable.

Pink Wedding Roses Capability
Floral Design, Styling &Photography: @jannelford
Pink Wedding Roses Capability Vase


With her striking rich pink rosette, Hettie exudes charisma and charm. She boasts an extremely quick bloom time, with petals that unfurl to reveal a star-shaped rosette at her centre, surrounded by a ring of neat, layered outer petals in a lighter pink hue. Her saturated colour and exquisite form remain unwavering, making Hettie a standout in any arrangement. Though she may lack fragrance, Hettie more than compensates with her captivating presence and vibrant character.

Pink Wedding Roses Hettie
Photography: @nadiahungphotograph
Pink Wedding Roses Hettie

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