Ausapply (US PP29958)
A dramatic leading lady, Capability is bright, bold and full of character with her shades of intense fuchsia pink and her perfect rosette of petals. Capability captivates not only with her colour but also her scent of rose and citrus.

From Bud
to Bloom

From Bud to Bloom

Capability opens from bud within three to four days. Her outer petals reflex to form her frame and then a wonderful, perfect circle of inner petals reveal themselves with stars of little golden stamens at the very centre.


A gala, a ball, a lavish wedding, Capability plays to large occasions in style and with great finesse. She suits a sophisticated floral colour palette of powder blues, pinks, lilacs and rich, velvety purples.
Capability pink roses door installation
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Capability roses pink vase arrangement
Capability roses staircase installation wedding
Pink Roses in Vase Arrangement
Mary Jane Vaughan Floral Designer
The reasons we love to include David Austin roses in our work are many. They have a delicate beauty whilst also demonstrating great resilience. The blooms are big and blousy once open and just one of these roses is required for every three traditional roses used.

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Inherently romantic and timeless in nature, there’s little surprise that pink is the most popular colour for wedding flowers. Our beautiful collection of pink wedding roses spans a stunning spectrum of hues, ensuring you will find the perfect rose to complement your wedding day, no matter your style or colour palette.

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