Millicent is a cornucopia of wonderful things. A vintage beauty of warm, mid pinks developing hints of lilac and mauve.  Her blousy blooms are filled with textured, swirling petals that unfurl forming a wonderful rosette. Millicent’s medium scent of citrus and old rose provides her final, flourish and her adorable character suggests a vintage, reserved glamour of a bygone era.

From Bud
to Bloom

From Bud to Bloom

Eager to open, Millicent immediately has a presence, opening quickly into a large flat rosette. She is like the gift that keeps on giving as her colour, form and scent evolve with each day, whilst retaining her beauty throughout.


Millicent works harmoniously with understated delicate flowers. Her sophisticated mid pink tones complement an array of colours blending well with pretty pinks, blues and lilacs as well as a bolder choice of hot pinks, damson and red tones.
Millicent Pink Rose Bouquet
Millicent Pink Rose Hatbox Arrangement
Millicent Pink Rose Vase Arrangement
Millicent Pink Rose Gold Urn Arrangement
Millicent Pink Rose Flatlay