Purity by name and nature. Looser ruffle than tight rosette, her pretty blooms have a gentle, informal look. Each flower is creamy-white but her central petals are lightly dusted with tones of pale apricot and peach, which give her a quiet sophistication. Whilst Purity is a smaller sized bloom, her fragrance is distinctive and strong, reminiscent of Turkish delight and rose-water.

From Bud
to Bloom

From Bud to Bloom

Purity transforms within two days, from a small bud into a bloom of great beauty. As her petals open, watch how the colours subtly change overtime – the magic of nature.


Purity is the perfect choice if you are looking for a nude or blush colour palette.  However, she is extremely versatile too and due to her soft colouring, she will work across a multitude of colour palettes – from pinks, apricots and blues through to shades of white.
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Purity blush roses wedding bouquet design
Purity roses close up bloom
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I love to photograph Purity. She can take a few days to open and each day brings a delicious new surprise as the petals unfurl to reveal a hint of blush. The shape and form are so pretty as each frilly layer is revealed. The peachy, rosy scent is so evocative of the garden on a summer’s day.