Our signature bloom and wedding favourite. Juliet owes her world-renowned status both to her trademark luminous peach colour and her distinctive shapely form. Whilst her fragrance is elusive, her elegant beauty will ensure she remains our iconic heroine of the collection and the ultimate, classic rose.


Juliet is not camera-shy and loves to perform across any style you desire. She is ethereal with soft-toned, blush pinks, whites and silver greys. Equally, she can be dramatic and bold.

David Austin Juliet Rose close up
Juliet Rose Bouquet with Eucalyptus
Juliet rose in wedding bouquet by Joseph Massey
Juliet Rose David Austin Large Wedding Bouquet Bride
Juliet rose in wedding table centre piece
Juliet Rose David Austin in all rose wedding table arrangement
I use Juliet a lot – it has become one of David Austin’s most instantly recognisable wedding roses. This is mostly down to its deep, rich peach colour, which graduates throughout the petals. I’ve never seen it in any other flower; in fact, nothing comes close.