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Eugenie is a frothy delight of blush peach and apricot, paling to creamy outer petals. She blossoms into a flamboyant rosette that loves to perform with absolute grace. The finale is her medium scent of myrrh and aniseed, which is simply captivating.

From Bud
to Bloom

From Bud to Bloom

Eugenie may take up to four days in her graceful transformation, opening from a tight unassuming bud to reveal her radiant blush centre and ruffled petals.


For 1950s Hollywood glamour, Eugenie is the ideal nomination.  She combines a playfulness, undeniable style and charisma that is difficult to define … think of Eugenie as the Audrey Hepburn of the rose world.
Eugenie rose David Austin Bride Bouquet
Eugenie rose David Austin small vase arrangement
Eugenie Rose David Austin Valentine Roses Breakfast in bed
Eugenie Rose David Austin Bridal Bouquet
Eugenie Rose David Austin Large Rose Arrangement
Eugenie is a dreamy rose. Beautifully soft and romantic with blooms packed full of petals in a warm white, opening to soft peach and apricot. It’s an incredibly elegant rose that works perfectly on its own or paired with stocks, delphiniums and other delights to make a super pretty, sumptuous bouquet. Definitely one of Fairy Nuff’s favourites.

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