Bessie’s colour transitions beautifully starting as an ivory bud opening quickly into a classic deep cup to reveal shades of apricot at her centre. As her petals relax Bessie’s shape becomes more rosette-like, her colour paling to buttery cream, developing hints of caramel whilst always maintaining a halo of ivory outer petals. Her light to medium fragrance is a combination of tea with undertones of myrrh. Bessie is like a collection of our favourite things – clotted cream, pearls, silk ribbons and soft, billowy pillows.

From Bud
to Bloom

From Bud to Bloom

Bessie delights quickly, opening within two days, from ivory bud to reveal warm tones of apricot petals. Bessie’s colour transition is captivating. From apricot, her centre quickly changes to soft peach through to buttery-cream, caramel, paling to ivory.


Bessie’s apricot and creamy tones allow her to work across a range of colour palettes from lilac and pale blues through to pinks and yellows. A versatile and super pretty addition to our collection, Bessie has a gentleness that is beautiful and demure. Her character is the perfect rose for a classic bride.
David Austin Bessie Rose Small Bouquet
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David Austin Bessie Rose Large Bouquet
David Austin Bessie Rose Small Urn
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Floral Designer
Bessie is a quick opener and a unique rose. Her rosette is delightfully full of petals and gorgeously open, while her colour mesmerisingly transitions from cream, peach through to nude and ivory tones. In my opinion she embodies a sense of romance, luxury and royalty, yet she retains a pure and innocent charm. Simply captivating.