From unassuming creamy buds Effie develops into a bloom filled with amber, apricot and zesty orange tones, framed by a halo of pale cream petals. Effie captures the warmth of summer as well as the rich glow of autumn. An aromatic tea scent, of medium strength adds the finishing touches to Effie’s vibrant personality.


Effie’s colouring partners particularly well with spiced reds, bitter chocolate, deep oranges and plum tones but also is strong enough to sit against botanical greens and midnight blues.  Effie can be bohemian and whimsical or adventurous and striking.
David Austin Effie Rose Open Bloom
Effie David Austin Rose Modern Table Arrangement
Effie David Austin Rose Autumnal Bridal Bouquet
Effie David Austin Rose in- Bridal Bouquet with Poppies
Effie David Austin Rose Table Arrangement
Effie David Austin Perfect Single Bloom in Brides Hand
Effie David Austin Rose Arrangement in Rusty Urn
Oh, I love Effie, and so do our brides! It’s such a pretty rose and fits my style perfectly. Big, frilly blooms that come in a soft warm cream, opening to reveal a deeper vibrant apricot and orange, just right for bridal bouquets and arrangements. They have a gorgeously soft, dreamy tea-rose scent too – a perfect rose all around!