Charity has the most delicate peach-pink petals but her understated colour is offset by a delightful botanical twist – a lime-green stamen that adds a touch of drama to this playful and unusual rose. Her distinctive character is matched by a deliciously complex perfume, which combines sweet violet, musk and vanilla.


Charity encourages adventurous styling combinations with textural foliage and garden greens that really accentuate her botanical vibe and tailored feel.  Conversely, when she is accompanied by delicate florals Charity radiates romance and a softer, more relaxed style.
Charity roses small vase arrangement
Charity roses wedding bouquet summer
Charity rose in large wedding bouquet
Charity roses in wedding bouquet design
Charity roses close up blooms
Charity rose in button hole groom
Quite simply, this rose is extraordinary. The structured petals in the subtlest ballet pink are so lovely – then you get the twist; a prominent lime green stamen in the centre. Her scent is just as surprising. Because of her unusual appearance, you can be as conventional or as playful as you like when arranging Charity.