The Perfect Sunshine-Hued Bridal Bouquet Recipe

The Perfect Sunshine-Hued Bridal Bouquet Recipe

The anticipation surrounding your bridal bouquet is unparalleled, knowing it will grace nearly every photograph, accompany you down the aisle, and flawlessly complement the best dress you’ve ever worn. To elevate your bridal bouquet from a key accessory to an unforgettable centrepiece, understanding its intricacies is paramount.

This sunshine-hued and highly-fragranced ensemble, with bright joyful tones and rich romantic symbolism, has swiftly captured hearts since its debut. As it takes its place as a firm favourite, we unveil its secrets to empower you in discussions with your florist. Through this recipe you will delve into the colours, understand the fragrances and decipher the meanings behind each bloom, ensuring your bouquet reflects your unique personal style on your wedding day.

The Perfect Bridal Bouquet Recipe

Effie Rose

Effie stands as a radiant centrepiece in this sunshine-hued bridal bouquet, captivating with her mesmerising beauty and vibrant shades. Her stunning colour progression from unassuming creamy bud to a bloom bursting with glorious amber, apricot, and zesty orange tones evokes an undeniable sense of joy, warmth, and optimism.

Each rose is a masterpiece, delicately framed by a halo of pale cream petals that not only accentuate her vibrancy and allure but also symbolise purity and grace. Moreover, Effie carries a delightful medium-strength aromatic tea scent, infusing the air with an irresistible fragrance that ensures your bridal bouquet leaves an indelible impression.

Patience Rose

With sculptural beauty delivered by an abundance of lace-like petals, Patience has rightfully earned her status as a wedding classic. Endlessly elegant and romantic, she emerges as the quintessential choice for a bridal bouquet. Once fully bloomed, Patience reveals a creamy-coloured centre with a hint of pale, buttery yellow, which within this bouquet seamlessly complements Effie’s vibrant sunshine-hues and the delicate tones of orange blossom, phlox and sweet peas.

Among the roses in our collection, Patience reigns supreme with her enchanting, world-class perfume, seducing with an intense, clean scent reminiscent of Old Rose infused with a dash of lemon.

Orange Blossom

Orange blossom brings a unique and exquisite touch to this bridal bouquet, adding a refreshing dimension with its delicate white blooms and citrusy fragrance. We love mixing scales of flowers within a bouquet to create texture and balance, and here orange blossom’s size perfectly complements the signature roses and smaller supporting phlox and sweet pea stems.

Additionally, orange blossom symbolises purity, fertility and eternal love, making it a meaningful addition to your bouquet. Its timeless charm and aromatic presence elevate your bridal bouquet, infusing it with a sense of elegance and romance that is truly unforgettable.

Sweet Peas

With their petite size, delicate tendrils, and exquisite ruffles, the inclusion of white sweet peas in this beautiful bridal bouquet offers a playful and timeless ethereal charm. Serving as a wonderful yet gentle contrast to the focal roses, they not only add texture and visual interest but also introduce a sense of graceful movement to the arrangement.

The delicate scent of sweet peas ensures they complement rather than compete with the stronger perfumes offered by Patience and Orange Blossom, creating a harmonious and beautifully balanced sensory experience.


Phlox are one of our favourite choices for a bridal bouquet, enhancing the elegance and romance in several ways. Their clusters of pretty small flowers serve as a perfect complement to focal blooms, in this bridal bouquet they support Effie and Patience roses effortlessly, while adding depth and texture to the arrangement. As timeless as they are ethereal, the classic white phlox selected for this arrangement perfectly harmonises with the apricot and sunshine tones of the focal blooms and the detail of the bridal gown.

Save this bridal bouquet recipe image below for inspiration and discussions with your floral designer.

Perfect Bridal Bouquet Recipe


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