Embracing Colours In Your Wedding Flowers For 2024

Embracing Colours In Your Wedding Flowers For 2024

While pastels are often the go-to hues when it comes to wedding flowers, 2024 seems to be the year where everyone is embracing the more brighter colours. If you are not afraid to be bold and are eager to infuse your wedding day with colour, we have a wealth of advice and inspiration just for you.

Why are bold flowers and brighter colours making waves in the wedding world? Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations of your life and nothing sets the tone for a joyful celebration quite like colourful floral arrangements. By embracing vivid hues and incorporating bright colour wedding flowers, you express your personal style and creativity, while also creating a bountiful visual display to delight both you and your guests.

If you are unsure where to begin, colours such as hot pink, coral and bright yellow are inherently joyful while offering incredible versatility and depth. Especially in spring and summer, you will be spoilt for choice with bright and bold seasonal flowers in abundance. Think textural, highly-scented sweet peas, layered ranunculus, and charming campanula, each a perfect complement to the timeless elegance of David Austin Wedding Roses.

Colourful Wedding Flowers Bouquet With Pink And Yellow Roses
Photography: @jessicamangia_photography

Colourful Wedding Bouquets

Undoubtedly, your bouquet is destined to be a breathtaking showpiece, but let us not forget its practical side. Not only does it need to flawlessly complement your gown, but it also serves as a reflection of your unique style, and will look effortlessly elegant in your wedding photography. Introducing vibrant hues into this essential element is not just a suggestion; it’s a brilliant strategy to ensure your bouquet stands out.

Colourful Wedding Flowers Bouquet With White And Yellow Roses
Photography: @jeremie_hkb
Colourful Wedding Flowers With Pink And Yellow Roses
Photography: @jessicamangia_photography
Colourful Wedding Flowers Bouquet With Yellow Roses
Photography: @jessicamangia_photography

Bold Ceremony Flowers

Your ceremony flowers set the tone for your guests, offering the first insight into the style of your wedding. Interweaving bright and bold flowers throughout arbours and aisle arrangements creates beautiful framing to the place where you say, “I do”, while adding highly-scented blooms creates unforgettable sensory delight.

Photography: @jessicamangia_photography
Colourful Wedding Flowers Ceremony Arch
Floral Design: @bowsandarrowsflowers

Vibrant Colours in Tablescapes

Your reception space will be the host for the majority of your day so you will want to create a showstopping visual impact. Whether you are dining in a beautiful outdoor wedding tipi, or indoor reception space, using vibrant coloured flowers across suspended florals, centrepieces and statement urns will ensure a memorable experience. Your florist will guide you on ensuring the height of any centrepieces allows for convivial dining and free-flowing conversation.

Colourful Wedding Flowers Reception
Photography: @lauragordon
Colourful Wedding Flowers Centrepiece
Colourful Wedding Flowers Chandelier
Floral Design: @bowsandarrowsflowers

Colourful Cakes & Other Wedding Day Details

It will come as little surprise that we adore adding colourful flowers to all wedding day vignettes. Be inspired and consider any spaces in which your guests will spend their time. From colourful cake meadows and floral backdrops to bold flower-adorned wedding cars, the floral opportunities are endless.

Photography: @jennyquicksall
Colourful Wedding Flowers
Floral Design: @tularosaflowers
Colourful Wedding Flowers Fireplace
Photography: @lauragordon

As your flowers are such an inspiring and important element of your wedding day, it is wise to secure a florist whose style you are drawn to. If you are embracing brighter colours, then look for a floral designer with experience in creating harmonious bold colour palettes. They will help you strike the perfect balance of textural, fragrant and symbolic, ensuring your bright and colourful wedding flowers are truly unforgettable.

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