A Floral Introduction – Bessie

A Floral Introduction – Bessie

Whilst bold colours have been embraced throughout weddings recently, Cream is still a perennial favourite in wedding palettes, beloved for its timeless elegance and versatility. Cream roses effortlessly complement various colour schemes, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic. We are delighted to introduce our new cream rose girl Bessie into the fold, who brings a little bit of a different charm and grace to our cut rose collection.

The ultimate ivory rose

Bessie (Ausperidot) is the embodiment of all our favourite little luxuries. Think pure silk pyjamas, plump billowy pillows, and the creamiest salted caramel ice cream… She is the essence of those treats that make life extra special. Her delicate fragrance is a fusion of tea with undertones of myrrh, which adds to her captivating allure.

Flower Arrangements
Luxury Flower Arrangement

From cream to caramel

Bessie’s colour transitions beautifully as she blooms quickly over two days, starting as an ivory bud and opening to reveal a classic deep cup with an apricot centre. As her petals relax, Bessie’s shape becomes more rosette-like and her colour pales to buttery cream, developing hints of caramel whilst always maintaining a halo of ivory outer petals.

Ivory Rose
Rose Buds To Bloom

The perfect ivory rose bridal bouquet

We may be biased but when it comes to ivory bridal bouquets, we can think of nothing more perfect than an armful of Bessie roses. A single variety bouquet with a rose like Bessie is the epitome of understated elegance, with nothing to distract from her voluminous rosette and exquisite colour. Alternatively, why not add in some of our neutral roses, such as Leonora, Patience and Purity, to add variety and depth while maintaining the beauty of a monochrome bouquet.

Blush White Bridal Bouquet
Photography & Floral Design: Janna Brown
City Wedding

Style Bessie with pastel flowers for contrast

If you prefer to break up the cream, we recommend adding in pastels. The gentle hues of pastel flowers accentuate the creamy tones of Bessie, adding depth and dimension while maintaining a cohesive and ethereal design. Bessie’s rich warm tones can be offset beautifully with touches of blue tweedia, airy white spirea, blush pink ranunculus and pale lilac lisianthus.

White Wedding Flowers
Rose Bouquet

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