A Floral Introduction – Hettie

A Floral Introduction – Hettie

If you’re planning a bold and beautiful wedding, our new vibrant pink rose Hettie could be the rose for you. Sassy and luminous, Hettie is on a mission to delight with a quick opening rosette that reveals layers of striking ruffled petals. She is a rose like no other so let’s find out more about her (one of our brand- new wedding roses) and how to incorporate her into your wedding flowers.

Pink Rose Vase Arrangement

Hettie - a pink wedding rose like no other

Hettie is full of charisma and confidence, making her the ideal choice for any bride who wants to channel this vibe on her wedding day. Hettie opens quickly to reveal a rich, deep pink star rosette, surrounded by a ring of neat, layered outer petals in a lighter pink fuchsia tone. Once fully in bloom, Hettie keeps on giving with her saturated fuchsia hue and beautiful blousy form bringing life to any arrangement.

Outstanding vase life

Hettie’s fragrance is elusive, however, what she misses in scent, she makes up for in colour, character and vase life. We always strive for fragrance in our roses but occasionally a variety comes to life that is so magical in every other way that we simply must add it to our collection. One of Hettie’s key qualities is that not only does she arrive in dramatic fashion by being quick to open, but she is also the last to leave the party due to her outstanding vase life.

Rose Gift Hat Box

Character of Hettie

If you’re looking for a rose to help make a style statement on your wedding day, look no further than Hettie. She radiates beauty and light wherever she goes, and is surprisingly versatile to work with. Far from overpowering, Hettie has the ability to complement pale shades, rich greenery and delicate flowers too. Her luminosity brings a sense of luxury and sophistication to bridal bouquets, wedding ceremony displays and reception décor.

Pink Rose Bouquet

How to style Hettie

Hettie shines alone in all her vibrant glory but she plays nice with her rose sisters too, especially Tess, Constance and Keira. Layering Hettie with shades of pink and red creates a gorgeous opulent look that feels bold, vibrant and modern. If you prefer a slightly more pared-back look, consider pairing Hettie with pretty white and zesty green flowers like hellebore, astilbe, delphinium and astrantia. You can even take Hettie in a rustic direction, styling her with hops, seed pods or whimsical fountain grass. Her versatility is totally inspiring!

Bride With Pink Bouquet

Floral Designer: Myrtle et Olive, Photographer: Nadia Hung, Rentals: Bespoke Decor

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