How To Use David Austin Wedding Roses For Your Destination Wedding

How To Use David Austin Wedding Roses For Your Destination Wedding

World-renowned for their unique beauty, glorious colour, character and scent, David Austin cut roses are coveted as the quintessential wedding rose. Available globally, 12 months of the year, you can enjoy the romance of a garden rose at your wedding irrespective of the location and time of year.  

Whether you’re tying the knot in a hilltop Tuscan villa or sharing your vows on a remote Caribbean beach, David Austin wedding roses can be part of your special day. If you’re planning a destination wedding, read on for our top tips for choosing a great florist and incorporating our roses into your floral design.

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Can I Order David Austin Roses For My Destination Wedding?

Yes. The David Austin cut rose collection is available all year round from floral designers and flower wholesalers worldwide. Talk to your floral designer who will be able to order our roses on your behalf. We recommend that your florist orders them well in advance of your big day, particularly during peak wedding season (May to September), when demand is high.

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Do David Austin Roses Have To Be Treated In A Special Way?

Yes. David Austin wedding roses have been created specifically for floristry with long, straight stems and large blooms that perform magnificently in arrangements and bouquets. Special care and attention is required to ensure the roses reach peak condition on your big day, which is why we always recommend hiring an experienced wedding florist.

Your florist should arrange delivery of your roses up to four days before your event. On arrival, the stems need to be cut and placed in cool water and flower food to rehydrate for at least six hours in cold storage [in hot countries the florist will often hire a mobile refrigerator to keep all flowers in perfect condition]. Each rose requires ample time to beautifully open from bud to bloom, which takes between two to four days depending on the variety. Your florist can download our care leaflet and watch a short video about this here.

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How Do I Choose A Florist For My Destination Wedding?

Planning a destination wedding brings some extra challenges, one of which is selecting wedding suppliers in a foreign country. We always advise working with a destination wedding planner as they are equipped with a contacts’ book of local vendors and will be able to suggest experienced florists based on your style, requirements and budget. Alternatively, talk to your venue hosts as they will be able to recommend florists who are familiar with the space and what floral designs work well there.

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What About Hiring A Florist I Know To Travel Out To My Venue?

Some couples choose to work with a florist they are familiar with, who will travel out to the wedding venue and arrange for flowers to be delivered to the destination, where they will work on them in the days prior to the wedding. In these instances, we recommend choosing someone who has experience of working abroad.  There are many leading floral designers who not only work in their own country but are destination florists and will fly around the world to work their magic in global locations. These floral designers are creative magicians but also must be experts in logistics too!

Sometimes, a destination floral designer will partner with a local florist who will be an asset in suggesting designs to compliment the venue and be familiar with local seasonal flowers, which can really bring your floral designs to life. They will also be better placed to troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise; and adapt to any last minute changes.

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