Peaches and Cream Weddings


There’s a saying that when things are Peachy, they are wonderful and we couldn’t agree more. Soft peachy tones and rich cream shades are our theme for this month’s wedding inspiration.

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Bridal Shower


A bridal shower can be as sophisticated and beautiful as your wedding and is a great way to spend quality time with your girlfriends and family before your big day. So how can you make your bridal shower look just as stunning as your wedding, but on a smaller scale?

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A Blush Wedding


We have fallen head over heels with a romantic blush wedding aesthetic. From nude through to shades of pink, this wedding colour palette gives you plenty of scope to play, adding touches of light and shade throughout the floral décor and beyond.

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Small and intimate


Small and intimate; micro and bijou is part of our new world.  However, small can also be perfectly formed and equally as special.  So we have gathered together our roses to create intimate, but special moments with family.  An anniversary, birthday or engagement does not need to go unnoticed … so make time to celebrate.

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Spring … Our ‘B’ happy message


Our 'B' Happy Spring Message - With a splash of yellow, some birds, bees and our sunny rose, Beatrice, we bring you a spring happy message. We think some notes of cheer are required in these challenging times. So sit back and take time to stop and smell the roses.....

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A Little Women Inspired Floral Story


A Little Women Inspired Floral Story - 'Little Women' is a classic story of four girls who were raised by their mother while their father was away fighting in the American civil war. Just like our roses, each of the girls have unique and distinctive qualities that we see their Mother wholeheartedly enfold as their individual stories of love and life unfold. Our 'Little Women' inspired, rose-filled story tells the tale of embracing individuality with the Mother residing at the centre.

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Crimson, Drama & Glittering Golds


Crimson, drama and glittering golds We’ve kept it classic this winter drawing on the crimson red of our showstopper, Tess (Ausyacht). But, we’ve paired her with an unusual match, Capability (Ausapply), who exudes passion through her hot pink tones.

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Edith The colour for every season


Edith - The colour for every season With a chameleon-like quality Edith can move through the seasons, making an impression wherever she goes. She is perfect for the high days of summer with her inner golden glow of yellows and apricots combined with a halo of outer pink petals in tones of dusky pink. But when Autumn arrives, she takes on a new personality and will illuminate the room and any arrangement in which she resides.

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Paint a Picture of Summer


PAINT A PICTURE OF SUMMER A glorious floral landscape evoking the senses and colours of summer. Bouquets bursting with blousy rose blooms, partnered with fresh pickings from the country meadow and cottage garden that gently sway in the warmth of the summer breeze. Like an impressionist painting, we’ve captured the light as it dances across the prettiest petals so you can delight in nature’s most joyous summer palette.

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