A close up of Juliet, the iconic wedding rose by David Austin.

When breeding roses we look at three key characteristics: colour, scent and form. All need to go hand-in-hand, but in the hands of the creative florist can be combined to create something magical.


From the softest dusting of pale peach to the voluptuous tones of ruby red, we have a palette of colours from which florists can paint modern masterpieces. Some are sculptural and striking in their simplicity, others open to reveal surprising layers of colour and the deepest hues.


Alluring and provocative, our roses mesmerise in every sense. Each with its own distinctive fragrance, ranging from light to rich and strong, that you can mingle and marry together. With blends of the softest hint of tea through to intense notes of Turkish delight, their complex natural perfume only adds to the charisma.


With their unique shape, remininscent of a true old rose, these are blooms that truly inspire. Tightly cupped, but bursting with petals, they unfurl to reveal layer upon layer of exquisite detail. Some with lace-like petals in delicate rosettes, other playful frills and velvety hearts, but all completely beguiling.