Miranda’s Colour Story


Across fashion, interiors, and indeed wedding flowers, we are picking up some noticeable trends. Brides [www.brides.com] have highlighted that ‘expressive colour palettes’ and ‘monochromatic looks’ are very much part of the 2021 trend story.

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Romance and Roses


While red may be the classic Valentine’s choice, and Tess (Ausyacht) is always at the top of our list, it does not have to be the only choice. With us all experiencing unprecedented changes in our lives, why not embrace the unexpected and seek the new? Eugenie (Ausimage) fits the bill on both counts. She is one of our latest varieties, and in comparison to Tess, she could not be more different in colour nor character.

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The Enchantment of Christmas


A Christmas confession … we’ve pinched our Christmas styling inspiration from the fabulous McQueens, London. A floral bouquet filled with clouds of pink blooms called ‘Sugar Plum’ was the catalyst, leading our imagination to ballet shoes, a delicate and sparkly colour palette and a classic fairy tale wrapped in roses.

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A Carnival of Colours for Thanksgiving


I’m going into nesting mode at home and this year in particular it feels that home is my cocoon. Suddenly I rediscover strings of twinkly lights that I pop into glass vessels; I frantically order candles of all shapes, sizes and hues and I start to feel the warm glow of colour to wrap around me. Is this part of our natural instinct in readiness for hibernation?

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Peaches and Cream Weddings


There’s a saying that when things are Peachy, they are wonderful and we couldn’t agree more. Soft peachy tones and rich cream shades are our theme for this month’s wedding inspiration.

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Bridal Shower


A bridal shower can be as sophisticated and beautiful as your wedding and is a great way to spend quality time with your girlfriends and family before your big day. Although perhaps not as popular in the UK, the American bridal shower trend is creeping our way. So how can you make your bridal shower look just as stunning as your wedding, but on a smaller scale?

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A Blush Wedding


We have fallen head over heels with a romantic blush wedding aesthetic. From nude through to shades of pink, this wedding colour palette gives you plenty of scope to play, adding touches of light and shade throughout the floral décor and beyond.

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Small and intimate


Small and intimate; micro and bijou is part of our new world.  However, small can also be perfectly formed and equally as special.  So we have gathered together our roses to create intimate, but special moments with family.  An anniversary, birthday or engagement does not need to go unnoticed … so make time to celebrate.

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Spring … Our ‘B’ happy message


Our 'B' Happy Spring Message - With a splash of yellow, some birds, bees and our sunny rose, Beatrice, we bring you a spring happy message. We think some notes of cheer are required in these challenging times. So sit back and take time to stop and smell the roses.....

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A Little Women Inspired Mother’s Day


A Little Women Inspired Mother's Day - 'Little Women' is a classic story of four girls who were raised by their mother while their father was away fighting in the American civil war. Just like our roses, each of the girls have unique and distinctive qualities that we see their Mother wholeheartedly enfold as their individual stories of love and life unfold. Our 'Little Women' inspired, rose-filled story tells the tale of embracing individuality with the Mother residing at the centre.

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