Miranda’s Colour Story


Across fashion, interiors, and indeed wedding flowers, we are picking up some noticeable trends. Brides [www.brides.com] have highlighted that ‘expressive colour palettes’ and ‘monochromatic looks’ are very much part of the 2021 trend story.

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A Wedding Favourite


Leonora (Auswagsy), a name meaning ‘light’ and ‘compassion’. Leonora, previously known as 'Ella' is one of our newest varieties and is already a wedding favourite for brides. She is the epitome of classic elegance and understated style, befitting of a small intimate occasion or to elevate a regal celebration.

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Romance of the Rose


Romance of the Rose - This Valentine's Day we are recognising our peach-petaled beauty, Juliet. Although an unusual colour choice with her warm apricot appearance, she is such a beautiful representation of romance nonetheless.

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