1926 – 2018

It is with great sadness that the Austin family announces the passing of David C. H. Austin Snr OBE VMH, rosarian and founder of David Austin Roses Ltd. David Snr died peacefully at his home in Shropshire on Tuesday 18th December 2018, surrounded by his family. He was 92.

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From the heart of the Shropshire countryside, our story is a quintessentially English tale of passion that spans three generations of one family.

As an amateur gardener, back in the 1940s, David C.H. Austin OBE was inspired by a book on classic old roses and quite simply fell head over heels.
Inspired by their natural beauty and wonderful fragrance, he embarked on a quest to develop new varieties and recapture their unique character for future generations.

Today he’s joined by his son David J.C. Austin and grandson Richard. Their dedication will ensure the beauty and fragrance of the rose continues and will bring their charm and grace to any occasion.

passion AND Patience

Each rose can take up to nine years in development and like most things of exceptional beauty can test the patience of even the most passionate grower.

The particular characteristics that make each rose unique are no accident – the shape, the colour, the exquisite scent. They are all hallmarks of an arduous journey that result in some of the world’s most magnificent creations. A quest for beauty and a certain quality that only experts and true rose breeders like the Austin family recognise.
Following on from the success and recognition for their beautiful English garden roses, David Austin started to shape a new breed of cut rose.
Today, these two rose breeding programmes run alongside each other – one focused on creating new varieties for the garden and the other dedicated to exceptional cut roses for weddings and special occasions.


With nothing more than a love of roses and a stubborn determination, the Austin family have inspired not only fellow gardeners, but florists and rose enthusiasts the world over.

One of Mr Austin’s earliest memories is of his grandmother’s garden – a place that the family still call home. It’s where the family grew up, surrounded by roses and is now the heart of the 2 acre rose gardens, which welcomes visitors from across the globe.