If you’ve set your heart on a red rose, look no further than Tess. Tess is sumptuous, velvety and regal with a quiet elegance. Her perfectly formed rosettes open to reveal a small cluster of golden stamens. Whilst Tess’s scent is very light her overall beauty is undiminished.

Von Bud

Von der Knospe zur Blüte

Tess is shy in her reveal. Over a few days, her petals will gradually unfurl from a tight bud, but once open she will continue to perform, her petals becoming richer and velvety in colour.


Tess ist unsere wahre rote Rose und ein prächtiges, romantisches Juwel in der Krone. Für eine klassische Winterhochzeit oder Silvesterfeier erstrahlt Tess im Kerzenschein.
David Austin Tess Rose Open Bloom
Tess Red Roses in Gold Urn
David Austin Red Roses Tess Hatbox Gift
Tess Red Roses by David Austin Table Decorations
Tess Red Roses Vase Arrangement
Tess Red Roses David Austin Table Floral Arrangement
Tess rote Rose einstielige Braut