Unexpected and Utterly Gorgeous Wedding Décor

Unexpected and Utterly Gorgeous Wedding Décor

We, at David Austin Roses, have had the pleasure of seeing our garden roses utilized to create stunning weddings around the globe. Whether an intimate rustic wedding or a glamorous wedding wonderland, roses and other flowers provide a sense of beauty and color like no other form of wedding décor. Here are a few creative and eye-catching floral designs,

For a charming “Cosmopolitan” look, try an oversized martini glass to hold flower arrangements. Featuring the rose pink Miranda rose with astonishing 120 petals per rose, these arrangements are above eye-level, so guests can easily engage each other in conversation as the night progresses.


With monograms and inspirational phrases becoming all the more popular at nuptials, floral designers are using greenery and roses to give initials and words special emphasis. Patience’s cupped shape with 165 petals in each rose made the perfect fit for this rustic iron display of “LOVE.”

At a rustic outdoor wedding in the spring, our soft pink Charity rose was featured in a creative test-tube chandelier hanging from a tree overlooking the ceremony. This was certainly an unexpected piece of wedding décor, and we love how the roses hung from the tree, allowing the wind to waft their delicious fragrance throughout the area where the ceremony took place. Show this and other creative photos to your floral designer, to plan “unexpected” décor arrangements that are utterly gorgeous!

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