Heads are Blooming!

Heads are Blooming!

Wake up and smell the roses! Spring is approaching and that means one thing to our company, wedding season is almost here! Embrace nature’s decadence on your special day with a floral headpiece, such as our examples below featuring some David Austin Roses favorites!

Sweet & Simple!

A single rose in the hair can add a chic, minimalist touch for a classic look. Here, this little angel of a flower girl has a loose up-do with a single Miranda rose in her hair to complement her dainty Miranda bouquet and her debonair escort / ring bearer’s boutonniere. This creates a clean, streamlined appearance to allow the little stars of the bridal party to shine.


Crown & Veil Combo

Most brides would think to choose between wearing a headpiece, veil or no head accessory at all on their wedding day. This bohemian bride decided to combine both a floral crown of our Patience and Keira cut garden roses with a lace-embroidered, ballet-length veil. Her bold decision leads to creating a vintage, garden maiden appeal.


Queen Me… “Florally”

In this royal-floral crown, light tea-scented Juliet is showing almost all 90 of its petals. The blending of Juliet’s peach flesh tone and soft orange hypericum glows against this blushing bride’s skin!

Attractive, Abstract Arrangement

This is over-the-top and we love every bit of it! This “Garden of the Soul” headpiece is vaguely reminiscent of a floral crown and a floral veil! The vivid mix of bright, warm hues, including Juliet, with the cool white anemone and green foliage is gorgeously avante-garde and breathtaking.

Whether you decide upon a single David Austin Rose to accent your hair or a full, floral headpiece, our premium cut garden roses will only make your wedding day that much more special, and quintessentially, yours.

Mind Your Proportions

Mind Your Proportions

Bouquet design has become its own art form in recent decades, but do not be overwhelmed. When shopping for a bridal bouquet, proportions are key. Below, we have provided a few tips to help create a cohesive appearance between you, the bouquet and your dress.


Bouquet Body

It is generally known that it is necessary to have a dress that complements your body type, but it is also just as important when considering a bouquet. For brides with a slim- to medium-frame, a small- to mid-size, distinctly shaped bouquet such as a Biedermeier or pomander style, like this Tess arrangement, will suit you well. It will not be overpowering. Create an illusion of height without adding too much width or weight with a slender, loose cascading bouquet such as this bouquet featuring David Austin Roses’ Juliet.


For full-figured brides, a larger bridal bouquet allows you to project elegance and grace. Try a medium- to large-sized, round bouquet for a formal and neat style like this multicolored David Austin Roses bouquet or a medium-sized cascading bouquet for a more free-flowing appearance similar to this gorgeous Miranda wedding rose bouquet.


Dress it up, well

The bouquet is the standout accessory to a wedding dress and, as in everyday life, we want accessories to harmonize with the outfit. If you plan to glide down the aisle in a full gown, you may desire a larger, grander arrangement to coincide with your impressive dress such as this Darcey bouquet. The bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet!

Blog_MindProportions_5For fitted silhouette dresses, consider a smaller bouquet, such as a posy or pomander, which will not weigh you down or hide your shape when holding it. If you desire longer stems, try an arm sheaf or presentation bouquet that is cradled alongside your inner arm. The best part is that it is great for all shapes and sizes!

If you are wearing an embellished gown, a simple bouquet would be best. You do not want your look to appear too busy or for the bouquet to cover precious details of your dress. This bouquet of Kate and Keira is the perfect size to complement this bride’s lace and pearl embroidered dress.


Remember, it is your special day and the focus should be on you and your groom. Let the bouquet and dress accentuate you, in all your bridal glory!

HGTV Gardens

HGTV Gardens

DAR-HGTV-Gardens-online-2-19-14-7A dozen photos in this collection of “46 Lush Bouquets” from HGTV Gardens feature our Juliet, Charity and Patience varieties in dazzling color combinations. This slideshow is a great tool for brides planning their wedding day bouquets and reception décor.

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Southern Living

Southern Living

DAR-Southern-Living-e-newsletter-2-4-14-4This Southern Living bouquet slideshow features several themes that showcase our Juliet and Patience garden roses.

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Modern Luxury Brides Dallas – Fall / Winter 2013

Modern Luxury Brides Dallas – Fall / Winter 2013

ModernLuxuryBride_Fall2013Husband and wife team Adam and Alicia Rico’s beautiful centerpieces were featured in Modern Luxury Brides Dallas. They paired our Juliet excellently with peonies, Fritilliaria, Artemisia, daffodils, coral berry foliage and ranunculus.

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