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Yahoo! Finance

Our editor friends at Yahoo! Finance have revealed the news about David Austin Roses’ introduction of cut rose varieties for the United States wedding market.

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A Blast from the Past

A Blast from the Past

As the Roaring Twenties sprang to life, economic stability along with social and political changes influenced the lives of many during the 1920’s. Blossoming in major metropolitan cities across the globe such as London, Paris, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Philadelphia, the Roaring Twenties was a time of prosperity, innovation and glamorous style.


Today, 1920’s- and Gatsby-style weddings are a rising trend among brides across the country. With this in mind, below are a few helpful tips for planning your own Roaring Twenties-themed wedding.

During the era, women’s fashion changed dramatically, including wedding dresses and accessories. No longer did women dress in traditional Victorian styles, but rather sleeveless dresses and long-beaded necklaces became the norm. Shown here, this bride’s 1920’s style dress and accompanying jewelry are accented with our lovely Darcey wedding rose. Darcey’s bold color is reminiscent of 1920’s women’s desire to express their own vibrant personalities as a means of taking on more prominent roles in society.


Lace overlays and bead-work were also popular among women in the Roaring Twenties; bustles and corsets became a thing of the past. Lace adds a touch of femininity to twenties style wedding dress designs, while intricate beading evokes elegance and sophistication. Whether used together or separately, lace and beading can create an alluring effect that your husband-to-be will surely appreciate.

For men, in the early-twenties, suit jackets were tailored to be much shorter. Longer jackets, and jackets with long tails, were only used for formal occasions, such as weddings. However, by 1925, men’s evening wear consisted of short tuxedo jackets. Thus, if you are planning a Gatsby-theme wedding, you cannot go wrong with either style. For the gents, we suggest pairing a black suit, white shirt, button-down vest, and Oxford or woven tip-capped shoes, complemented with a silk pocket square and rose boutonnière. For a more consistent look, match the vest, pocket square and boutonnière with the bride’s floral bouquet.


We know many of our bridal blog readers enjoy watching the popular T.V. show Downton Abbey. Set in the 1920’s, the current season is full of drama and unexpected turns. As a tribute to this mainstream series, we wanted to share our Edith wedding rose with our friends and fans. Edith has a very distinct two-toned color. Old gold and warm peach make up the center of this variety, while the outer petals have a deep rose hue. With its fruity fragrance, Edith is a one-of-a-kind luxury cut rose. If Lady Edith Crawley is your favorite character on Downton Abbey, then this rose is a perfect fit for your Roaring Twenties-style wedding!

Three Lovely Tips for Valentine’s Day Weddings

Three Lovely Tips for Valentine’s Day Weddings

In our previous Valentine’s Day post, we offered tips for potential gifts for your lover, fiancé or fiancée. Here are a few ideas to customize and preplan a Valentine’s Day wedding. If your big date is now set for Valentine’s Day 2015, this is the best time of year to gain inspiration.

Blog_VdayTips_11. Personalize “Valentines” for wedding guests

“Valentines,” historically, were the love notes of St. Valentine. Incorporate this into your wedding by giving your guests personalized “Valentine” thank you notes with their parting favors.

Briefly expressing your genuine gratitude will let your guests know how much you treasured their participation in your special day.

Blog_VdayTips_22. Consider black and white, with splashes of red and pink

Instead of coating your reception and ceremony in traditional Valentine’s holiday décor, The Knot, one of the top bridal magazines, suggests you go with a traditional or neutral color palette, and accent the theme with pinks and reds.

For example, black and white is a timeless, yet versatile, combination that can range from fabulously glamorous to simply chic. Highlight romantic red and sweet pink tones in the accessories, tabletop items, linens, wedding cake, and floral arrangements.

Our pale pink/cream Keira wedding rose variety adds a soft elegance to Valentine’s Day weddings.

Blog_VdayTips_33. Add a sense of romance and passion

Your guests will know “love is in the air” at your Valentine’s wedding, but think of innovative, caring ways to display it. By thoughtfully selecting your roses, you can infuse your favorite character traits and charm into your wedding décor. Rose colors bear special meanings of love and relationships, and you can use this as a guide to selecting the perfect rose to define your day. These David Austin Roses varieties are or will be available by spring 2014.

  • Darcey (red): romantic love, passion
  • Tess (dark red): unconscious beauty
  • Miranda (pink): grace, perfect happiness
  • Keira, Constance & Charity (light pink): sweetness, joy
  • Kate (dark pink): gratitude
  • Beatrice & Edith (yellow): delight, new beginnings, friendship
  • Juliet (peach): sincerity, perseverance
  • Patience (buttermilk, white):  reverence, worthiness

Valentine’s Day weddings can express your personality, and do not have to be cliché. By following these tips and using our luxury David Austin Rose varieties with a measure of your own creativity, your Valentine’s Day wedding will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!

Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. It is a day for lovers to exchange tokens of affection to commemorate their love for one another. Roses, jewelry, perfume, and chocolate are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, and what better way to carry on the tradition than to give your partner a luxurious, sensational gift to make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable yet.

Also, according to the Huffington Post, a recent consumer report surveyed Americans’ Valentine’s Day plans and found that six million couples are likely to get engaged on Feb. 14. So, it is truly a day of love from coast to coast! If this tugs at your heart strings as much as it does ours, take a look below at some of our most romantic roses for your sweetheart.


Photo Credits (L-to-R/top-to-bottom): David Austin Roses,,, Stush Girl Style blog.

David Austin Roses’ wedding varieties have luxurious charm and character that set them apart from other roses, much like other luxury brands, such as Chanel, Cartier and Vosges Haut-Chocolat, are known for their lavishness and sophistication. Refined and elegant, our Darcey and Kate roses exude extravagant romance.



Darcey features bright, crimson-red buds that gradually open to form raspberry-red rosettes. When fully open, Darcey’s attractive stamens are revealed at the heart of each flower. Its opulent color radiates feelings of sensuality and desire, a perfect way to send an impressive love-message to that special someone for Valentine’s Day.


Our Kate rose variety has a delicious fruity fragrance and magenta-pink, wavy petals. As the rich color deepens over several days in a vase, Kate takes on hints of purple, offering a sense of passion. Kate, one of our newest varieties, is truly beautiful at all stages of opening to its fullest beauty. It provides a lasting impression, ensuring your Valentine will always remember this day fondly.

Whether you are planning a Valentine’s Day engagement proposal for your fiancée, or fiancé for that matter, or just want to show your partner how special she or he is to you, a magnificent bouquet of David Austin’s luxury roses can transform an ordinary Valentine’s Day into an extraordinary one!

Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide

BridalGuideCover_0314Our Juliet variety is arranged with peonies and fruit in this feature article about desert floral styling in the March / April 2014 issue of Bridal Guide.

Read / view the full article here.

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