Welcome to the David Austin Roses Blog!

Welcome to the David Austin Roses Blog!

As a renowned English breeder of superior roses, we are pleased to share with you details about the launch of our roses as new, luxurious and romantic flower choices for weddings in the US. Our roses are much larger than common hybrid tea roses, have dreamy fragrances, and boast a range of colors.

Through our blog, social media channels, and our new US wedding-focused website, our goal is to serve as an ongoing resource of trends, photos and ideas for brides, and anyone involved in weddings and events.

We will be blogging about everything bridal hoping to connect with you and other enthusiasts. You will find it easy to stay on top of the latest wedding information and trends on our blog as well as through our website, Facebook, and Pinterest boards,

Through these channels, our goal is to provide you with fun, creative and innovative ways to use our selection of cut flowers as part of your wedding designs, along with other helpful wedding wisdom. Moving forward, here is a sneak preview of what you can expect to see on our blog:

  • Trends of the wedding market, including floral designs, bouquets and boutonnières, in-vogue flower girl concepts, tabletop and altar flower décor, bold and beautiful color palettes, traditional and contemporary cake designs, wedding dress fashions, new photography methods and concepts, wedding reception themes, popular venue locations, and much more.
  • New and exciting information about our 12 cut rose varieties to include Juliet, Kate, Patience, Miranda, Edith, Keira, Tess, Beatrice, Darcey, Constance, Charity, and Carey.
  • Advice and tips from prominent wedding planners, magazines and connoisseurs from key cities and destination wedding locations. Talk about resources from coast to coast- we’ve got them for you!
  • Inspirational wedding ideas from A – Z, to help determine the perfect theme for a wedding, along with the David Austin Roses cut flower varieties to match.
  • Wedding flower checklists, designed to take the pressure off brides when deciding what types of floral arrangements and bouquets are needed.
  • Tips for creating the perfect floral designs, arrangements and layouts for wedding ceremonies and receptions, including how to find and choose the perfect floral designer!


In addition to these topics, tell us what information you would find enlightening, inspirational and helpful, and we will explore and post responses, reflections and interpretations we think you will enjoy.

We hope you’ll add our blog to your RSS feed and share it with your friends, family members and colleagues. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and information from the David Austin Roses team!

David Austin Roses Launches Exceptional Cut Rose Varieties, Wedding Resources Nationwide

David Austin Roses Launches Exceptional Cut Rose Varieties, Wedding Resources Nationwide

MIAMI – Dec. 16, 2013 – David Austin Roses, a renowned English breeder of premium cut roses, today announced the introduction of its cut rose varieties for the United States wedding market. Capitalizing on the company’s extensive, expert breeding history, David Austin Roses is launching a new website, social media channels, public relations program, and strategic business-to-consumer marketing campaigns to present its brand and premium varieties throughout the United States.

David Austin Roses will be a helpful resource for brides who are in the process of designing and planning beautiful wedding celebrations. Through the company’s website, blog and online inspiration page, along with a new Facebook timeline and dedicated Pinterest boards, brides will have the opportunity to learn about popular new rose varieties, wedding themes, evolving color trends, bouquet styles, boutonnière options, in-vogue flower girl concepts, tabletop and altar flower décor, and floral designs for ceremonies and receptions.

The website and social networking outlets will also showcase comprehensive wedding planning ideas and resources for brides. This will involve trend-based wedding cake selections, wedding dress fashions, venue recommendations, and photography concepts and ideas. There will also be advice and tips from renowned wedding planners from key cities and destination wedding locations coast to coast.

Floral designers and retailers will also have the ability to stay abreast of the latest cut flower trends and news from David Austin Roses by way of the company’s website and social media channels.

David Austin Roses will be partnering with other wedding industry professionals in designated marketplaces to enlighten brides and others with creative and developing wedding information. David Austin Roses’ objective is to create relationships with wedding dress retailers, photographers, wedding planners, florists and floral designers, and wedding venue owners, with a goal of serving as a collective and informed resource for brides, bridesmaids, and anyone with interest in planning weddings.

Ongoing press campaigns will be executed during 2014 to communicate David Austin Roses’ news information, new variety profiles, events and happenings, and strategic alliances to the media. Editors of significant wedding magazines, related blogs, and other online or print publications will be provided select variety samples of the cut roses so they can experience them firsthand. Cut roses will be made available to key media members for photo shoots and editorial planning purposes.

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